Company Profile

Robertson Engineering is an international provider of mooring fittings and services for Marine, Offshore floating accommodation units and other key assets that have a critical role in the Marine, offshore oil and gas industry.
Robertson Moorings system has developed a long-term trusted products supplied to many of the world's leading Equipment manufacturer, OEM suppliers,  owners, contractors, as well as the offshore oil and gas exploration and production companies. We provide proven standard mooring & towing fittings to meet the needs of our customers and provide long terms after service. We maintain a high quality product and serviced by the most experienced people.
Robertson sells a wide range of mooring deck fittings and towing equipment, including Deck Rollers fairleads, Swivel Fairlead, Vertical / Horizontal sheaves, Swivel Sheaves, Smit bracket, Triangle Towline Bracket, Marine Chain Stoppers, Towing Hooks, Quick Release Hooks and other trading services.


Subsidiaries and representative offices in
PR China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, UK, Japan & Singapore